savasana: A better life in one place

Understanding the Problem


Market Research: Competition

  • A wide range of guided meditation videos.
  • Sleepcasts
  • Workout videos
  • Focus music
  • Nice design
  • No way to track your progress like weight
  • No screen time feature
  • No weekly reports
  • Can’t track your nutrition
  • Paid
  • The user can define goals they want to achieve
  • The user can actually track their progress toward their goals
  • See reports on screen usage, fitness activity, nutrition, meditation and sleep
  • A lot of different programs like gut health, mental wellness and healthy cooking.
  • Social media to share your goals and how you’re doing
  • Sleep stories
  • Guided Meditation
  • Courses on reducing stress
  • Calories calculator
  • Friend list
  • No screen time feature
  • No weekly reports
  • Paid
  • UX is not very good
  • Targeted mostly to women
  • Weekly reports
  • Better UX
  • Targeted to everyone
  • Can set very specific goals
  • Connects to Apple Health
  • Has an Apple Watch App
  • Very nice UX/design
  • Get review/overview of the week, month, year
  • Customizable
  • Very limited functionality on the free version
  • No videos or lessons
  • Is only for recording numbers, but doesn’t inform
  • We have informational videos for fitness and other categories
  • Nutritional facts are searchable for food
  • Tips for how to improve when a goal isn’t reached

User Research

Personas and Journey Maps


Wireframes and User Flow




Final Thoughts



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